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Ben Carper, candidate for County Council District 23

Carper is running on a platform of local control, individual responsibility and the self determination of the people.

A self-described Jeffersonian conservative, Carper said he believes County Council members should be residents' first point of contact for any issues they may have, from development concerns to road issues.

Carper said he is concerned with overdevelopment coupled with a lack of investment in the county's infrastructure, and he feels that certain councilmembers have been too pro-development.

Carper said his effort as a Jeffersonian conservative is to conserve a constitutional government and uphold personal liberty and freedom.

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Tikeeta Wallace is supporting Ben Carper Carper for District 23 County Council. She will serve as his Community Liaison in District 23.

Candace Atwood, founder of Gratifying Opportunity Development, has joined the Carper Campaign as Campaign Manger. Gratifying Opportunity Development is a grassroot organization that addresses the homeless due to gentrification and social barriers.

Born and raised in Greenville County, Dr. Ben Carper has officially announced his candidacy and filed today for County Council District 23 in Greenville County.

As a licensed South Carolina real estate sales agent, active in ministry as a member of Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley, and a lifelong resident of Greenville, Dr. Carper will be an active counselor representing all constituents. He is truly a “phone call away.”

With Greenville County experiencing a thriving business atmosphere, he will continue to support the business growth seen in Greenville County. He desires a strong business climate providing good jobs and incomes for the citizens of the district so his constituency can live, work, and play in District 23.